Cannabis Essential oil Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser is inspired by the green, bright notes of cannabis. Enhances mood and promotes a sense of well-being through sense of smell. Cannabis essential oil provides a therapeutic aroma that promotes balance of mindand body by releasing stress, relaxing the bodyand lifting the spirit. Contains the natural essence of the cannabis plant. It does not contain THCand will not get you high!


LOVSPA Happiness Home Ambiance Diffuser really brightens up a room with its herbaceous scent. Inspired by the green, bright notes of cannabis. sweet apricot, incenseand earthy-woody notes intertwine with balsam, spicy notesand green minty patchouli. Resinous cedarwoodand spicy coumarin blend together to enhance the herbal notes while white muskand amber ground the fragrance.

This Cannabis scented room diffuser has the actual scent of Cannabis (AKA Marijuana, Hemp, Weed). The actual scent will NOT get you high; however, it contains actual essential oils from the cannabis plant.

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