Our Commitment

From shells to fruit to assorted herbs and flowers, you’ll find them all inside our products. Since our line is inspired by nature, it’s only fitting that we do our best to treat the environment responsibly. We’re committed to using natural products. In addition to recycling most of the plastic, metal, glass and cardboard in our facility, we also use recyclable shipping materials.

LOVSPA’s uncompromising standards mean that each item is hand-finished, creating the perfect home fragrance experience. We pride ourselves on always sourcing the finest materials. Our perfumers create luxury blends of finely crafted fragrances, and the natural essential oil blend we use in our candles and reed diffusers is our own secret blend. With its excellent scent throw, this sets us apart from the market. We even grow and harvest in the US some of the botanicals found in our Natures Gift and Botanical collections.

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The Craft of Creating Beautiful Aromatherapy Candles and Reed Diffusers

We design all our scented candles and diffusers in-house. We test very carefully to make sure our candles burn evenly and steadily, with a long burn-time and our reed diffusers release the scents steadily. We develop all our own scents as we work from top quality ingredients. We think carefully about the scent and about the emotional response it will evoke. We take great care and a lot of time in creating and testing our scents. We love what we do! It fills us with great satisfaction knowing that our customers love our products too.


Home Scents Set The Mood

Home Fragrance diffusers and scented candles are the quickest way to improve the aura of your home, and the most affordable way to add that luxurious feeling. LOVSPA reed diffusers bring together beautiful fragrances made with essential oils. Filled with natural botanicals or decorative add-ins, these one-of-a-kind air fresheners add a decorative note to any space. LOVSPA’s luxurious candles and reed diffusers are the perfect way to give your home an all-day soft background aroma and keep it smelling fresh for months.

The elegant LOVSPA Collection of Candles and Reed Diffusers will transform your home into a fragrant spa retreat. Choosing a scented candle or diffuser to generate the feeling you want is a very personal choice. It’s as individual as choosing a scent or perfume. That’s why we provide a wide range of rich, natural fragrances. Whatever you want the mood to be, we can help you. We at LOVSPA Fragrances understand that home fragrance is a very personal choice with an enormous power to enhance the home and we thank you for your support. 



Give any space a luxurious ambiance and love the air around you.